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The Fleet

Baron Inchcape Engine Room

We have amassed a large number of photographs and a wealth of information about the various ships which have been in service with Scottish Ship Management and with Lyles and Hogarths over the years. This information can be viewed using the links below. Unless otherwise stated, the photos and information have been supplied by Bob Abercrombie and John Drury. The above photograph is of the engine room on the Baron Inchcape. The engines are two AO V12 Diesels by Ruston Paxman of Lincoln which developed 12,000 shaft horse power at 410 rpm and drove the vessel at 15 knots.


MV Baron Ardrossan

MV Baron Belhaven

MV Baron Cawdor

MV Baron Dunmore

MV Baron Forbes

MV Baron Inchcape

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MV Baron Napier

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MV Baron Renfrew

MV Baron Wemyss

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MV Cape Trafalgar

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MV Baron Murray

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