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MV Cape Hawke

MV Cape Hawke

MV Cape Hawke in ANL colours

Geared Bulk Carrier

Official Number: 339746

Call Sign: GOXV

Tonnages: 14,651 gross, 9,896 net, 23,655 deadweight.

Main Dimensions: 534.4 x 75.2 x 34.1 feet.

Cargo Handling: Fitted with four electric hydraulic deck cranes of 16 tons SWL suitable for grab handling.

Engine: Two 12 cylinder Ruston & Hornsby medium speed oil engines, 12,000 bhp 15 knots.

September 1971: Completed by Haugesund Mekaniske Verksted, Haugesund (Yard No. 40) for Lyle Shipping Co. Ltd., Glasgow. Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow, managers.

1974: Re-engined by Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, Amsterdam with two Stork Werkspoor Diesel 12 TM 410 Medium Speed Engines. 12,000 bhp 15 knots. Bareboat chartered to British Phosphate Commissioners, Australia. Conversion to Australian crewing conditions carried out whilst being re-engined.

1978: Ownership transferred to Lyle Motorship Co. Ltd., Glasgow, Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow, managers.

1979: 25th November, sailed from Ocean Island for Australia with the islandís last cargo of phosphate.

1981: Returned to owners by British Phosphate Commissioners and bareboat chartered to Australian National Line, Australia.

1986: 15th December. Broken up at Kaohsiung.

Top photograph taken at Townsville, 30th November 1973, loaded with sugar.