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Scottish Ship Management Ltd.

MV Baron Kinnaird

M.V. Baron Kinnaird

Geared Bulk Carrier

Official Number: 378849

Call Sign: GCFE

Tonnages: 16,598 gross 10,093 net 26,066 deadweight.

Engine: M.A.N. K7SZ70 oil engine, hp by Mecanica Pesada S.A. Tourbate 13,300 bhp 15 knots.

Cargo Handling: Fitted with four electric hydraulic deck cranes of 25 tons SWL suitable for grab handling.

December 1981: Completed by CCN-Maua, Rio de Janeiro (yard No. 142) for H Hogarth & Sons Ltd.,Glasgow. Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow, managers.

Maiden Voyage: Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis and Vittoria. Loaded steel for Antwerp.

1984: Managers became Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Bermuda. Bermuda flag.

1985: Sold to Salvador Shipping Co. Ltd. Managers became Scottish Ship Management Hong Kong. Hong Kong flag.

1987: Sold Yukon Shipping Ltd. Denholm Ship Management (Overseas) Ltd. managers Hong Kong flag, renamed CINCINNATUS.

1990: Sold Quad International Ltd. Ramon de la Sota Jr. managers. Renamed LABURDI. Hong Kong flag.

1994: Sold The seaway Navigation Corp. Densh Management Corporation managers, renamed LARA K Bahamas flag.

1997: Sold Heart Navigation Co. Ltd renamed MARITIME BANGKOK. Panama flag.

1999: Sold Bangkok Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd. IMC Shipping Co Pte Ltd Singapore, managers. Singapore flag renamed MARITIME RAYONG.

2000: Sold to Millenium Shipping Co. Ltd. Marineros Compania Naviera S.A managers. renamed MANA. Malta flag.

2003: Sold to Good Luck Maritime. Oceanstar Management. Renamed ALEXIS. Malta flag.

2009: Sold to Fraternity Corp. Panama. Livanbros Marins, managers. Renamed ST GEORGIOS, Panama flag.

2009: October, broken up, India.

Photo by I. Warner, Information - J. Drury.