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MV Baron Belhaven IV

M.V. Baron Belhaven

Gearless Bulk Carrier, Ice Strengthened

Official Number: 335587

Call Sign: GOVG

Tonnages: 14,885 gross 8,802 net 23,340 deadweight.

Main Dimensions: 542 x 75.2 x 33.6 feet.

Engine: Horten Sulzer 5 RND 76 oil engine 10,000 bhp 15 knots.

March 1971:Completed by Kaldnes A/S Tønsberg (Yard No. 187) for H. Hogarth & Sons Ltd., Glasgow. Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow, managers. Time chartered to Alcan (Bermuda) for ten years.

1979: Sold Alcan Shipholding (Bermuda) British flag, name retained. Scottish Ship Management Ltd., Glasgow, managers.

1986: Management to Denholm Ship Management, Glasgow. Bermuda flag, renamed NORTHERN EXPLORER.

1990: Sold, Silver Express S.A. Golden Union Shipping Co. S.A. managers, renamed FLAG MARINA Greek flag.

2000: Reported that before 2000 was renamed GANG HAI 656, China flag.

2000: January, renamed SEAPORT 656. China flag.

2005: May, renamed EVERFORTUNE. Tuvalu flag.

2006: March, renamed LUCKY WINNER. Panama flag. Hong Kong Lucky Ocean Shipping Ltd, Fuzhou, China, owners.

2011: February 6th. Photographed in Yangtze River. Click the thumbnail image for a larger version.

2011: October 19th. Reported broken up.
Knut Helge Schistad

MV Baron Belhaven III

Baron Belhaven III

Taken alongside at Baltimore. USA. 1961.

1967: Sold to the Evie Nav Co. Liberia and re-named Global Trader.

1972: Transferred to Greek registry.

1982: Severe engine failure between New Orleans and New Brunswick and taken to New Jersey breakers.

Photo and information courtesy of Ken Webb.

MV Baron Belhaven II

Baron Belhaven II

Photo courtesy of John Taylor who sailed on her in the early 1950's as third and second mate. John says that "Hungry Hogarths" was certainly a misnomer!