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Name: Ian Mc Donald E-mail:
City: Adelaide Country: Australia
Homepage: Date: 19-Feb-2004 15:04:51

Visiting my pal Phill Webb and he told me about 
the reunions and how I wish I had known as I 
would have loved to have been there. I now Live 
in The South coast of Adelaide and love it.

Name: Steve "Billy" Budd E-mail:
City: Luton Country: England
Homepage: Date: 19-Feb-2004 11:16:35

Well! Lets hopr this one lasts longer than it's 
Hello to anyone I sailed with and please feel 
free to email me.
What's the dress code for the Reunion and is 
the sporting of an SSM tie obligatory? I've 
moved that many times I'm not sure I can find 

Name: Webmaster E-mail:
City: Warrington Country: United Kingdom
Homepage: Date: 19-Feb-2004 08:52:37

New guestbook and long may it last! I suppose, in hindsight, these words were just tempting fate!

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