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Name: John Gallagher E-mail:
City: Cape Town Country: South Africa
Homepage: Date: 10-Mar-2004 13:34:50

Originally from Paisley, Scotland. Sailed as 
leckie on Cape York, Cape Sable and Baron 
Cawdor. I don't regret one minute of the time I 
shared at sea with so many fantastic characters. 
Unfortunately I have lost touch with most of 
them, but I still keep in touch with John Drury, 
who visited here in October 2002. Still can't 
get hold of George Ramshaw or Charlie McCurdy. I 
thought my steam generated computer had blown a 
gasket when I couldn't log on to the old site. 
But the new one looks like a winner. 
Congratulations Ian.

Name: Mark Harnden E-mail:
City: St Andrews Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 08-Mar-2004 16:21:28

What an amazing site, a real trip down memory 
lane. I was with SSM from1976-1985, left, sailed 
the coast for a while, styarted a business, went 
back to sea, started another business, went on 
telly, and now considering emigrating to NZ!!
Brillint to see all those photos!

Name: Andy Duncan E-mail: andy,
City: North Auckland Country: New Zealand
Homepage: Date: 03-Mar-2004 23:58:39

Hello to all, special hello to the characters 
that I sailed with, nice to see a few familiar 
names,only trouble is we all so much older and 
maybe a little slower, gave up going to sea 
1996,still not sure if I miss it or not!  I 
still see the occasional ex SSM engineer around 
my part of the world it's alway good to catch up
All the best to you all

Name: Peter Lightfoot E-mail:
City: Middlesbrough Country: Bonny England
Homepage: Date: 02-Mar-2004 12:46:47

Hello all,
thanks Ian for all your hard work in getting the 
guest book up and running again.Sorry I missed 
this years re-union but hope to make it next 
year.Nice to see Geoff Harrisons posting,we had 
many long darts battles Geoff against the Ginger 
Gypsy and Capt Billy Budd on the Finesterre, 
usually winning the first few games before 
Toohey's took its toll.Hope to see you and 
everyone at this years re-union.

Name: Flann Howard E-mail:
City: Ennis Co. Clare Country: Ireland
Homepage: Date: 02-Mar-2004 07:02:29

Hello to all that knew and sailed with me (ex 
R/O). Hope new Guest Book will be restored to 
it's former self and that it will not be long 
before all ex SSM are on board again.

Name: Iain Waters E-mail:
City: Kirkwall Country: Scotland (where else
Homepage: Date: 29-Feb-2004 14:45:08

Just thought I'd add my ha'penny's worth to 
thank Ian for his hard work in re-instating the 
guestbook. It's great keeping up with news on 
old shipmates.
I'm still piloting tankers in, out and around 
about Scapa Flow with Ernie Moodie. Other ex 
SSM bods I occasionally see up here are Charlie 
Dowie, Jim Croy, Charlie Groundwater, Stevie 
Burgess and Billy Beads.
By the way, anyone out there who hasn't been to 
an SSM reunion - don't not go again!! It's a 
great day. Huge numbers of characters turned up 
last year (and might still be there for all I 
know - I wonder if Nick Battersby ever got back 
to Kiwi?). Anyway, I believe this year's is on 
the 8th December - time enough to prepare - you 
may need it!


Homepage: Date: 29-Feb-2004 06:48:41


Name: Neil Campbell E-mail:
City: Glasgow Country:
Homepage: Date: 28-Feb-2004 16:16:03

Glad to see the guestbook up and running again 
Ian. Would like to say how much I enjoyed my 
first reunion and am already looking forward to 
the one this year. 

Name: dugald campbell E-mail: dicampbell @
City: carlisle Country: england
Homepage: Date: 28-Feb-2004 05:17:18

good to see guest page up an running again.also 
a few names appearing from the past.gordon 
andrews for one,baron dunmore 73/74.
Jimmy mcLean had an entry on the original guest 
page regards to you and barbara. any e mails 
will be received with pleasure and replied too.
best regards to all.

dugald campbell

Name: Duncan Anderson E-mail:
City: Newmilns, Ayrshire. Country: UK.
Homepage: Date: 25-Feb-2004 06:37:28

Hello to everyone out there.
Nice to see the Guest Book filling up again.
I have been Telecomms Tech on ChevronTexaco's 
Captain Platform for the last 8 years or so.
Great to see that Billy Budd hasn't changed.
Will be pleased to hear from anybody.
Missed last Reunion but hope to make this 
All the best.


Name: John Drury E-mail:
City: Whitley Bay Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 25-Feb-2004 06:04:58

Great to see the Guest Book up & running again. 
Well done Ian. 
I am putting together a cd(s) of the ships and 
their histories. I hope to have it ready for the 
next reunion.  Lots of photographs but I am 
missing two.  The Temple Hall and the ill fated 
Brittenberg. A few promises of photo's of these 
two but nothing yet has turned up. Would 
appreciate anyone with a photograph of either  
getting in touch.  
Would that be the Gordon Andrews who was Leckie 
on the Cape St Vincent in '72?
Best regards to all old ship mates.


Name: Gordon Andrews E-mail:
City: Auckland Country: New Zealand
Homepage: Date: 24-Feb-2004 13:19:06

Great to see the photo library of the fleet,

Brings back a lot of memories
Congrats to the authors of the website
Looking forward to more info

Homepage: MSN Date: 23-Feb-2004 15:27:18

Delighted with first wsite, and salaams to the 
wmaster set this up. Make it last!!
Geoff. Don't give up your day job for doing nowt 
will not be in it.Believe me!! Now retired (but 
busy). Kindest regards to all the old brigade. 
Callum MacLean (ex Master) 

Name: Geoff Harrison E-mail:
City: Hexham, Northumberla Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 23-Feb-2004 03:21:22

Never thought I would lay eyes on the Cape Horn 
again, a ship that blighted my life for a good few
Presently engaged in carting large quantities of
bulk cement around the Indian Ocean: this must be
the farthest you can get from a 'dangerous cargo',
something which have successfully avoided over
the years.
Contemplating jacking it all in early 2006 to do
'nowt', as David Wright puts it. Perhaps he can get
in touch sometime & we can have a game of golf
in Hexham.

Name: Hamish Hardie E-mail:
City: ALNESS Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 22-Feb-2004 18:10:31

Can be contacted at

Look forward to hearing from any of you out 

Name: David Wright E-mail:
City: Manama Country: Bahrain
Homepage: Date: 22-Feb-2004 03:16:24

Did not see the good ship Temple Arch mentioned!
I bet that will start a few Engineers twitching!
Due to swallow the anchor this summer as present 
Light Tender RELUME due to be replaced then and 
I've had enough sailing about! Intend to put 
feet up in Slaley, Northumberland and do nowt!

Name: Sandy Ralph E-mail: sandy
City: Nairn Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 21-Feb-2004 15:56:16

I was informed of this site by Alistair MacPhee 
ex AB. Who I sail with at the moment on the 
Northern Isles ferries service.When is the next 

Name: David Fenton E-mail:
City: Glasgow Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 20-Feb-2004 10:44:28

Well done Ian in setting up another guest book.
Its great to see so many former shipmates 
tuning in to this website.
I would think this year's Reunion could be 
bigger than last year's one and its down in 
many ways to Ian's sterling efforts.

Name: david wilson E-mail:
City: kilmarnock Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 20-Feb-2004 09:16:47

nice see the guest book up and running again 
well done to ian warner 
sad to read in todays paper that capt andy 
callender died after battle with cancer nice man 
who will be remembered by many at reunions and 
glasgow nautical college 

Name: Iain Benzie E-mail:
City: Carnwath Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 19-Feb-2004 18:23:04

At last a guestbook that works, shame about the 
last one. Does anyone have a pic of the Baron 
Renfrew, preferably in glorious colour, 
although black and white will do, if so could 
you please mail it to this address. I wasnt on 
it long just a couple of weeks, the engine was 
in pieces in Leith,fitters everywhere, think it 
was May/June 77, paid of in South Shields and 
joined the Cape Rodney in Singapore in 7/7/77. 
Fraser was the Captain, Bagpipes in the focsle, 
still haunts me yet. Also does anyone have 
photos of the reunion, it would be good to look 
at someone elses pics. Cheers for now, Iain 

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