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Name: tommy robson E-mail:
City: edinburgh Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 31-Jul-2004 08:26:02

I am ex. catering officer with S.S.M. retired 
3years ago now driving a taxi in Edinburgh. 
would love to hear from ex ship mates.

Name: Sandy MacCallum E-mail:
City: Bunessan, Isle of Mull Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 31-Jul-2004 04:54:24

Thought I would update the new Guest Book. Was 
an R/O with SSM from 1973 till 1984. Worked as a 
Radio Op in the Oil Rigs in the North Sea from 
1984 till last year. Finally made the move back 
to Mull and am now working locally and enjoying 
it. Have very fond memories of my years with 
SSM. Hope to make the reunion this year, as 
missed the last 2, so will look forward to 
seeing you all then. 

Name: Hamish Hardie E-mail:
City: Alness Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 16-Jul-2004 18:12:14

I've been on the site a few times and it's been 
good to see there are so many people still 
around. I was with S.S.M. from 1972 to 1980, 
Deck cadet and Third Mate. I sailed on the 
,York,Macklay,Belhaven,Race and the Wymess. Any 
way I have many good memories of my time with 
you all and hope to make the reunion this 
year.I have bumped into a few ex S.S.M. people 
with my current job in Invergordon and look 
forward to seeing more over the next few years.

Name: tony lamb E-mail:
City: manchester Country: england
Homepage: Date: 15-Jul-2004 11:05:18

Feel a bit of a fraud i was only at sea for 
about a year. Spent 6 excellent months as the 
galley boy (Junior Catering Rating!)on Cape 
Ortegal Mar-Aug 79. Jan Nitowski was the chef, 
Douggie ferguson, John dalrymple and Angus 
McDonald are a few others i remember. I would be 
grateful If anyone has a photo of the Ortegal 
they could let me have.  If your out there 
Donald you can keep the money you owe me! 

Name: Stuart Hall E-mail:
City: Geelong Country: Australia.
Homepage: Date: 27-Jun-2004 13:14:35

If it wasn't for SSM I wouldn't be where I am 
today! Great to see all the names of old 
shipmates. For all these years I thought it was 
just me who had such fond memories of a mispent 
youth aboard SSM's ships, but it seems that the 
feeling was widespread. Sailed with SSM between 
1970 and 1976, best years of my life and some 
great memories.

Name: Duncan Macleod E-mail:
City: Glasgow Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 03-Jun-2004 11:07:26

Just updating the new guestbook!
Was deck cadet between '78 and 82 on C.Horn - 
twice (blame Jim Gray!), B. Belhaven, 
B.Pentland, C. Arnham. Some of you may remember 
the gadget who dropped a fuel pump into Sydney 
Harbour. Oh how we  laughed! Was chums with 
leckie Gary Gammage. Invited him to my wedding 
where the bugger got off with my sister! Officer 
& gent that he was, damn married the gal! I did 
enjoy my brief time at sea with SSM and 
sometimes reflect on what might have happened - 
had I passed my writtens! Freaky thing is that 
my eldest son is now at GCNS doing an 
engineering cadetship, albeit with some Johhny 
foreigner outfit. You can blame Jim Gray for 
that one too! 

Attended my 1st reunion in 2003, hope it won't 
be the last!

Name: peter cookson E-mail:
City: sydney Country: australia
Homepage: Date: 14-May-2004 03:40:25

deck officer ssm 1974-1981 now shipbroker in 

Name: Peter Shotton E-mail:
City: Cagayan de Oro City Country: Philippines
Homepage: Date: 13-May-2004 06:06:02

Like to hear from any lads who sailed with SSM 
during the '70s.

Name: John MacIntyre E-mail:
City: Portnahaven Country: Isle of Islay
Homepage: Date: 12-May-2004 19:49:53

Served as R/O on Cape Franklin and Baron 
Ardrossan, then spent my honeymoon on the Cape 
Grenville before joining the Police in 1974.  
Now retired and back home in the land of great 
malt whisky. Super site which brings back great 
memories of SSM.

Name: david wilson E-mail:
City: kilmarnock Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 11-May-2004 15:45:38

sailed as sparky with SSM 1968 to 1984 cape 
nelson cape clear ,temple arch, cape horn  etc 
etc...   sailed with many great characters  and 
really enjoy reunion  and sometimes arrive home 
with leeds being relegated this week it brought 
to mind capt D.I.Jones  has anyone heard or been 
in touch with him 
rgds davie 

Name: Duncan Paterson E-mail:
City: Port Seton Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 23-Apr-2004 15:03:30

Hi all,
Just a quickie (no pun intended) Ian Benzie 
could you drop me an e-mail sometime, PC went 
belly up.
PS anone know where Terry McKinnon (harpic) is 
these days?
Best wotsits

Name: Cliff Jones E-mail:
City: Halifax Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 15-Apr-2004 17:20:59

Hi There

I wasn't with the SSM, however I was on the MV 
Cape Horn during the mid sixties, we were on the 
Christmas Island run.
I joined the ship in Manchester as a deck boy, 
we went to the States and then on to Australia 
from there on to Japan, where we'Dry Docked'.
We then went to Nauru, we waited 53 days for the 
swell to be at an acceptable level for us to tie 
up at the bouys, we drifted for three days and 
then steamed back in, it went on for ever. 
During the time drifting we chipped the entire 
hull, then red leaded it and then re-painted it.
After that we stayed on the Aussie coast and 
trips to Christmas Island.
Lyles finaly put a Chinese crew on the ship and 
flew us back to the UK.
If my memory serves me right there were only 
four or five of the original deck crew flown 
back to the UK, the rest jumped ship in various 
Aussie ports.
I have great individual memories of that trip to 

Best Regards

Cliff Jones

Name: Gordon Cowie E-mail:
City: Stuartfield ,Peterhe Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 09-Apr-2004 15:30:32

First trip Baron Inchcape, joined in MingMing 
1974 for Pensacola. Last trip in 1982 on Cape 
Trafalgar, paid off in Geraldton W.A. Remember 
many great laughs and fortunately have forgotten 
all the exhaust valves nightmares (medium speed 
hands will remember these). Have been working in 
the oil industry since, and have been based in 
Brasil for the past 6 years. Good to keep the 
name alive and a good site.

Name: Gordon Fyvie E-mail:
City: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 02-Apr-2004 06:38:10

This is fantastic seeing all the old names from 
the past. I started with SSM in March 1973 on th 
Temple Bar then the Cape Nelson, Cape Grafton, 
Cape Howe,Cape Nelson (again), Cape York,Cape 
Sable, Cape Rodney, Baron Wemyss and Baron 
Maclay.My time with the company was fantastic. I 
started as Catering boy and worked up to Chief 
Cook and bottle washer!!! :-). The first Captain 
I sailed under was Captain Fraser,what a 
character, what a man...great!!. I would love to 
hear from anyone who remembers me and I will try 
to be at the reunion in December.
I am over the moon to find this site......I wish 
i could turn the clock back and do it all again!


Name: Stephen Hill E-mail:
City: Bridgwater Somerset Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 26-Mar-2004 07:50:38

Im pleased to add my name to the ever growing 
number of postings in the new guest book. I 
managed to contact and be contacted by a few old 
friends by way of the old book and look forward 
to hearing from anyone else who remembers me.
Like everone else I have fond memories of my 
time with SSM as an Electician from 1972 to 
1983. I visited some wondeful places, made many 
good friends and shared some "interesting" 
Reading the message board and the guest book 
brings the memories back so clearly, its hard to 
think that its 20 plus years ago.
The reunion sounds interesting, I will try to 
make the trip north in December.
Regards to all.

Name: Neil Brown E-mail:
City: Port Charlotte, Isla Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 18-Mar-2004 15:45:20

Good to see all the familiar names in the guest 
book, I was in SSM from 1976 until 1983. Still 
at sea now working mainly in the North Sea.
Hope to make it over to Glasgow for the reunion 
this year with Gilbert Anderson who also lives 
in Port Charlotte.

Name: Rob Sinclair E-mail:
City: Guisborough Country: England
Homepage: Date: 14-Mar-2004 15:18:54

Amazed at how many names I recognised from the 
1977 “Triad”.  I was on the Cape Sable at that 
time but had nothing to do with the stowaway 
search that failed to turn up 3 Fijians…honest!  
Left in 1986 when the Belhaven went to Denholms 
and now lead a respectable life as a taxman in 
York.  Kind regards to everyone I sailed with 
over 10 happy years.


Name: Bob Freeman E-mail:
City: Sunderland Country: England
Homepage: Date: 14-Mar-2004 10:00:36

Have some great memories of seatime spent on 
capes finisterre rodney and grenville in early 
eighties,now working as bosun on Dsv Bar 

Name: Fergus Drever E-mail:
City: Kirkwall Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 13-Mar-2004 15:16:14

Good to see all the ship photos and familiar 
names in the guest book.
I was with SSM from 1971-1984 and thoroughly 
enjoyed (most)of it.
Now tootling about on small inter-island 

Name: Robbie Maclean E-mail:
City: Stornoway Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 10-Mar-2004 22:13:13

Great to see so many familiar names. Still keep 
in touch with a few ex SSM guys, now live in 
Inverness. Hope to get to this years reunion 
depending on my rota.

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