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Name: Graham Lewis E-mail:
City: Coventry Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 05-Nov-2004 03:38:13


I served on the Cape Howe during the 1971 voyage
when it was badly damaged by the following sea. 
Anybody out there remember it?

Name: Peter Brennan E-mail:
City: Helensburgh Country: Ecosse
Homepage: Date: 25-Oct-2004 18:16:43

Updating new guest book with new email.  Sailed 
with SSM from 1970 (cadet) to 1980 (2nd mate) 
now looking forward to retiring from Strathclyde 
Police on 19.10.2005 (only 8,593 hours to go, 
but whose counting!!!) Kind regards to all who 
sailed on Capes 
Wrath '70,'75/Horn '71,'72,'78/Leeuwin '72/Howe '
72/Hawke '73/Grafton '76/Race '74,'77/Rodney '79 
/York '79//Barons Cawdor '73 & Inchcape '76.  
All a haze now!!!  C U December.  :-)

Name: Alasdair Mackenzie E-mail:
City: originally Stornoway Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 24-Oct-2004 07:35:21

Had previously signed in old guestbook, but have 
new e mail address. Anyone able to send me any 
photos of Grenville maiden voyage, Leeuwin '73 
or Ardrossan '74/75. Many thanks to Willie 
Mcfarlane and John Trotter in Brisbane for 
previous correspondence, but unfortunately have 
lost your e mail addresses. Anyone remember the 
cook on the Leeuwin in '73 or Ardrossan '74/75, 
an Irish guy from Rialto in Dublin called Tom. 
If anyone has his e mail address or even if you 
are reading this yourself Tom, could you get in 

Name: Gordon Fyvie E-mail:
City: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 08-Oct-2004 05:08:08

Hi guys I need help!! I'm trying to list all the 
ports I went to each trip but having probs 
remembering either thru old age or I was too 
drunk at the time ( no comments Mr Benzie :-) ). 
Can someone tell me how I would go about finding 
out where each ship went??? 
Also what date is the reunion and where???
Hope your all keeping well and I'll see you all 
later this year hopefully.

Name: Malky Campbell E-mail:
City: Rosyth (Dunfermline) Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 01-Oct-2004 20:54:12

Hope somebody remembers me.Sailed with SSM 
between 1978/1983.Now employed within the MOD. 
Browsing through site triggered many memories ( 
BOTH GOOD AND NOT SO GOOD )H ope to hear from 
some old ship mates .Bye for now!

Name: Michael Kelly E-mail:
City: Youghal, Co. Cork Country: Ireland
Homepage: Date: 29-Sep-2004 12:04:18

I was 1st.Mate from '71 to '73 on Baron Renfrew, 
Cape Horn, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Howe. Regards 
to any shipmates

Name: Bob Johnston E-mail:
City: Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 29-Sep-2004 06:06:22

I sailed with SSM 20 years ago (Deck Cadet to 
2nd Mate) Have many happy memories of the old 
times and have enjoyed reading the guest book 
and letters. I,m married with kids now but still 
at sea. Presently Master with Northlink Ferries.
Many of our old Shipmates are with Northlink too!

Name: Dave Noble E-mail:
City: Ryhope Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 27-Sep-2004 14:10:40

Sailed with SSM from 1974 until "The Last Ship" 
Baron Kinnaird in 1986. 
I am currently landscape gardening and open to 
offers of alternative employment.
I am taking advantage of JD's computer to wish 
all the best to Frank Taylor, Peter Newton, 
(does anyone have Peter's address) Rubber Man, 
Nick Ince, Duggie Campbell and all former 
Still partial to the odd tipple but not like the 
old days. The wages earned from landscape 
gardening don't allow it.  

Name: graham howells E-mail:
City: gloucester Country: uk
Homepage: Date: 18-Sep-2004 14:52:18

sailed as steward with SSM 82-86 ,great times 
and some great memories , shame it all had to 
end .

Name: John Mcgurk E-mail:
City: liverpool Country:
Homepage: Date: 17-Sep-2004 05:16:38

I sailed with SSM during the 70s and 80s as 
cook and Cat Off I'd be pleased to hear from 
anyone who sailed with me.  Tried to sign book 
before but I dont think it worked.

Name: arthur devlin E-mail:
City: isle of man Country: british isles
Homepage: Date: 12-Sep-2004 08:45:16

only found the site today,sailed with ssm 
from76/78 and 80/86 what a way to spend a 
mispent youth

Name: David Betts E-mail:
City: Houston Country: Texas
Homepage: Date: 31-Aug-2004 22:27:30

Sailed with Hogarths and then SSM from 1965 to 

Name: Eric Wallace E-mail:
City: Canaan NH Country: USA
Homepage: Date: 23-Aug-2004 21:34:54

I sailed on the Cape Rodney in 1956-57 as a jr 
eng would love to hear from anybody who was on 
that trip{the states-africa-australia}

Name: Martin Denmark E-mail:
City: Birmingham Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 23-Aug-2004 15:13:26

My Dad, Brian Denmark, spent many years as 
chief engineer working for SSM. In 1972 when I 
was 6, I was lucky enough to spend 7 months at 
sea with him, most of it in the engine room. It 
was a fantastic experience, one that I will 
never forget. Sadly my dad died in 1994. It 
would be great to hear from anyone who sailed 
with him.

Name: Iain Benzie E-mail:
City: Carnwath, Lanarkshir Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 23-Aug-2004 11:42:24

Thought I'd place a new entry due to the new 
email address as of the 25th August.
See you at the reunion in December. Promise i'll 
wear a suit this time.

Name: Colin Williamson E-mail:
City: Gladstone Country: Australia
Homepage: Date: 13-Aug-2004 05:30:49

What a blast from the past. Now I can put some 
names to the faces in my photo albums.

Name: John Newsome E-mail:
City: Leeds Country: U.K.
Homepage: Date: 09-Aug-2004 04:41:01

Now a Senior Servant - formerly employed as a 
Deck Officer with  H.H. in the 1950's to early 
Would like to hear from any former shipmates.

Name: alistair macphee E-mail:
City: northallerton Country: u.k.
Homepage: Date: 08-Aug-2004 05:36:01

Hi,I sailed in S.S.M. from 1975 until 1986. My 
first trip was on the Cape Sable and mylast 
trip was the Baron Kinnaird.We eventually paid 
off in Hong-Kong after an eventful time in 
Yantai,China.At present I am working for 
Northlink on the Aberdeen-Orkney-Shetland run.

Name: Will Mackenzie E-mail:
City: Stornoway, Lewis Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 05-Aug-2004 07:49:14

Hi everyone!
Sailed with SSM from 1981-85, as G.P.1.For the 
last 10 years I have been working on the 
Northern Isles routes to Orkney & Shetland.
Mainly working on "St.Sunniva" for 7 1/2 years,I 
am now with Northlink Ferries,on 
board "Hamnavoe"(Stromness/Scrabster route)

Name: Ken. E-mail:
City: Nr Tilbury Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 31-Jul-2004 10:03:00


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