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Homepage: Date: 27-Jan-2005 05:05:19

Just dicovered this web page after a phone call 
from Alan Gartside,am still traveling- out in 
Iraq at the moment.I sailed as electrician for 
10 years with SSM, left in 1978,will try to 
make a re-union some time, anybody heard from 
Jimmy Mair 3rd Eng,

Name: Alan Gartside E-mail:
City: Manchester Country:
Homepage: Date: 14-Jan-2005 10:48:22

Discovered this site over Christmas.Brought a 
lot of good memories back.Regards to all that 
know or sailed with me.Sailed as Third Engineer 
on Cape Wrath (1971/72) Cape Franklin (1972) 
Baron McKay ((1973)Temple Inn (1974) Cape Sable 
(1974/75) Baron Dunmore (1975) and Baron Napier 
(1976/77) on maiden voyage.Are there any old 
shipmates out there?

Name: T Pate E-mail:
City: Cumbernauld Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 10-Jan-2005 10:31:18

Just discovered guest page sailed as Leckie Cape 
York 1961/62 again in 63/64 also Cape Nelson 
Cape Howe and the last voyage of the Cape Sable 
when sold to Greeks.Recognised a few names 
mentioned Dougie Campbell K Malhotra John McKay 
Davie Smart George Law I will keep an eye on 
this page now. All the best to all I sailed with 
Tommy Pate 

Name: Mark Harnden E-mail:
City: Paihia Country: New Zealand
Homepage: Date: 05-Jan-2005 14:11:13

Fantastic site, brings it all flooding back. I 
must have done something wrong, cos I sailed on 
the Belhaven x 3,  Race x 3, Renfrew, Howe, 
Maclay, Inchcape, Kinnaird, Grafton etc etc!! as 
Cadet 1976- 3rd Mate 1985. Tried a few coastal 
jobs, including North Sea (those guys are mad!) 
and a really really boring trip on a huge 
container boat. Started in business, became an 
auctioneer, got bored and , thanks to many happy 
trips down here, emigrated and bought a Motel 
here in the Fantastic Bay of Islands, 60km north 
of Whangarei.
I'd love to hear from any old ship mates, so I 
can bore my family stupid with my endless tales 
of adventure!!!

Name: Danny Devaney E-mail:
City: Broxburn Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 05-Jan-2005 10:46:23

i only done 2 trips with ssm but they were the 
best times i had at sea. cape grafton 16/2/76- 
29/5/76.& baron wemyss 4/7/76- 29/12/76.would 
like here from anyone who can recall me.

Name: Hamish Hardie E-mail:
City: Alness Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 04-Jan-2005 16:29:27

It was great to see so many old faces at the 
reunion. I'm looking forward to next year, 
hopefully I'll be able to join you at the 
Horseshoe after and carry on.My e-mail has been 
done for a while, just got back on line 
tonight. Once again it was a great do and I 
hope we can keep it going for many a year.

Name: David E-mail: df
City: Kilmarnock Country:
Homepage: Date: 03-Jan-2005 10:24:46

Just in case anyone is looking at this site for 
more chatter and indepth information go to Home 
Page  and click on MESSAGE BOARD 


Name: Steve Anderson (Taff E-mail:
City: Cardiff Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 23-Dec-2004 13:30:20

Joined SSM 1970-1975. Sailed on Cape Horn, 
Baron Maclay, Temple Arch, Baron Inchcape and 
Cape Grafton. Great to see some old names, had 
the time of my life whilst with the SSM. Would 
love to hear from anyone that remembers me. 
Give us a mail! (PS - the email address is my 

Name: alistair marrs E-mail:
City: glasgow Country: scotalnd
Homepage: Date: 23-Dec-2004 08:25:39

Sailed with SSM 1972-76 as engineer.Throughly 
enjoyed my 1st reunion with you guys 
unfortunatly some could'nt manage (FYVIE!).Great 
to hear some of the stories and see how we've 
all got on.Martin Coward , I know you're out 
there, give me a shout, and anyone else who 
cares to or remembers me I'm now in the book. 

Name: Gordon Fyvie E-mail:
City: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 22-Dec-2004 12:43:50

I would just like to wish every single one of 
you a very Merry Xmas and an even better New 
Take care all...have a good one!!!

Name: christiffa E-mail:
City: tredegar Country: south wales
Homepage: Date: 08-Dec-2004 21:59:17

any one remeber sailing to "sept islands" 
canada, march, 1970, on the cape nelson, the 
prop was coming out of the warter approaching 
the grand banks,"the perfect storm"

Name: Gordon Fyvie E-mail:
City: Edinburgh Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 08-Dec-2004 13:26:46

I'm sitting here gutted that I couldn't make the 
reunion!!! I bet you are all having a great time 
just now no doubt I will here all about it from 
Iain. Really sorry I couldn't get through I was 
looking forward to seeing you all...especially 
you Jim Gray! Do you remember the phone calls 
you used to get from my mum on my first trip at 
sea????  I think she spoke to you more that 8 
months than she did to my old man!!! haha.

Name: Vic Conway E-mail:
City: Greenock Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 27-Nov-2004 04:30:41

Sailed on Temple Bar Sept 71 to December 72 then 
on to the Cape Grenville maiden voyage from 
Haugesund Jan 73 to Dec 73 then back on to the 
Temple bar for her last voyage before re-engine 
and handing over. Looking forward to this years 
reunion as i just missed last years. Saw one or 
two names in the guest book i recognised. 
Working in the Oil and Gas industry for the last 
25 years.

Name: christiffa thomas E-mail:
City: tredegar. gwent Country: south wales
Homepage: Date: 26-Nov-2004 23:47:37

first trip to sea on the cape nelson, newport, 
to mamansk,jan 1970,what a voyage. 

Name: gilbertanderson E-mail:
City: portcharlotte islay Country: scotland
Homepage: 24th november2004 Date: 24-Nov-2004 18:11:38

looking forward to reunion 2004

Name: Gordon Cameron E-mail:
City: Thurso Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 24-Nov-2004 10:49:04

I had heard about this site and finally got 
around to browsing through it.

I sailed with SSM as GP1 from August '74 to 
January '76 onboard Baron Renfrew, Cape 
Grenville and Cape Leeuwin.  Still at sea and 
sailing as mate with Northlink Ferries.

Have many happy memories of my time with SSM, 
especially regarding the Grenville.

Name: gilbert anderson E-mail:
City: portcharlotte,islay, Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 21-Nov-2004 15:25:42

just browsing through this excellent site.

Name: brian andrew E-mail:
City: aberdeen Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 11-Nov-2004 15:19:49

sailed with SSM from 1972 Baron Inchcape 
(cadet) to 1983 Baron Napier(ist mate). left 
during the foreign flag era and worked in the 
north sea with Seaforth. have been ashore since 
1990 working for aberdeen harbour. Fond 
memories of the guys i sailed with and the many 
runs ashore!

Name: jan nitkowski E-mail:
City: armadale Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 09-Nov-2004 15:12:07

sailed with ssm from 71-80,started of on maiden 
voyage of cape graften as gp cat boy.sailed on 
many ships in company eventually as gp chief married for a very happy 27 years with 
another ssm former employee catherine roy(ex 
stewerdess)recognise many names in guest 
book,great site many fond memories .

Name: david docherty E-mail:
City: greenock Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 05-Nov-2004 17:27:23

 was on the cape leeuwin from april to december 
1978 as a gp 3 still at sea now working for 
northern marine 

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