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Name: Alistair MacPhee E-mail:
City: Northallerton Country: U.K.
Homepage: Date: 08-May-2005 15:12:09

Hello everyone,I've just been looking through 
the photo albums.Quite chuffed to see one of 
myself and Bill Mahoney at a barbeque.The 
crossing the line photo's bring back memories.I 
was a policeman that day.Anne,Nick's wife was 
one of the people to be "done".Nick came to me 
and said "I don't want to be a "grass" but my 
wife is hiding in the oilskin locker on deck 
four." I hope she forgives you Nick.I hope to 
go to the reunion this year.Who do I contact? Al

Name: Houtekamer Marc E-mail:
City: Zeebrugge Country: Belgium
Homepage: Date: 02-May-2005 07:16:05

I am a ship photo collector. Are here other 
collectors who want to exchange? I have 
pictures of tugs(my favorites), cargo vessels, 
reefers, container and roro ships. The major 
part of my pictures are of the 10/15 cm. size 
and in color.
regards marc,

Name: Ian Potter E-mail:
City: GRIMSBY Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 01-May-2005 03:00:43

Can anyone please help? 
I am looking for photos (NOT JPEG's) of the 
following 2 ships that I sailed on during the 
late 70's
I am willing to pay for the cost of copying and 
also P&P

Ian Potter

Name: Anthony Honan E-mail:
City: Ennis, Co. Clare Country: Ireland
Homepage: Date: 26-Apr-2005 13:44:10

Discovered this website thanks to Flan Howard. 
joined S.S.M 1974 until end of 1985. Sailed on 
Baron Belhaven, Cape Race, Baron Pentland, Cape 
Ortegal and others. Have great memories of those 
trips still keep in touch with a few, Richard 
(Tricky) Wiggins, John Dobson, Willie Sutherland 
and Heather Moffat who was married to Euan 
Moffat who sadly passed away in December 2001. 
Actually going to Glasgow tomorrow to visit 
Heather. Now sail with Vela International on oil 
tankers as E.T.O and mostly run from Persian 
Gulf to Gulf of Mexico - dry ships. Has anyone 
heard of Billy Loadwick who was Catering 
Officer - am sure there is someone out there who 
remembers him as the Ginger Gypsy. Also Duncan 
Anderson where are you now Duncan. Hope to hear 
from somebody who i sailed with many moons ago. 
Tony Honan

Name: Murdo Maclean E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 11-Apr-2005 18:37:54

I am urgently looking for jpeg photos of the
Ardrossan, Napier, Kinnaird, Trafalgar and
Ortegal. Looking for photos of the ships or crew
from the early 80's. 

Name: Andy Latty E-mail:
City: Brighton Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 10-Apr-2005 06:17:16

Found you all at last! Started 1968 (Cape 
Nelson) finished 1980. 12 great years. Claim to 
fame, hit a 'growler' on Cape Race off 
Newfoundland - 2ft gash in fore peak - did,nt 
even feel the bump! Since then did 2 years 
yacht chartering in the Med and then sail 
training off the south coast, (right, OK, so 
I'm a yachtie). Well done for setting up the 
site and guest book, it brings back many great 
memories. Still in touch with Richard (Tricky) 

All the best

Name: Dave Wright E-mail:
City: Slaley Country: Northumberland
Homepage: Date: 09-Apr-2005 06:36:22

Was SSM's first recruit in 67 after applying to 
Lyles, interviewed by Alan Mackenzie and Robin 
Love.Stayed 15 years so must have liked it!
Retired from Middle East Navigation Aids 
Service of Bahrain at end of last year. Had a 
great time at last reunion, first time for me 
but defiely not my last. Great to see all the 
familiar faces.

Name: david pentland E-mail:
City: london Country: england
Homepage: Date: 01-Apr-2005 11:12:15

hello just thought i,d say hi to you all who 
sail on my name sake

Name: John Howell E-mail:
City: Rhyl Country: North Wales
Homepage: Date: 28-Mar-2005 15:55:50

Just found this site. I was 16 and on the Renfrew
in '74 as a Deck Cadet. Went bloody everywhere.
Australia, Christmas Island, Fiji, Mexico, New
Orleans etc etc. Happy memories during my
formative years. LMFAO 

Name: Richard Wiggins(Tric E-mail:
City: Newport Country: Isle of wight
Homepage: Date: 15-Mar-2005 11:05:15

Only recenetly joined this electronic age. 
Really good site. I am still at sea with Hanson 
Aggregate Marine. Dredging up Sand & Gravel in 
the N.Sea for the buliding indusrty. Mainly go 
up the London River or Belgium and France.Not 
the same social life as an old Baron or Cape 
boats though.

Name: Billy Budd E-mail:
City: Luton Country: england
Homepage: Date: 12-Mar-2005 12:34:10

This is just an information message/reminder to 
visitors to our guestbook. Anyone who sailed 
with SSM are more than welcome to post messages 
seeking information, salty tales of derring-do 
or the like using the message board - simply 
click on the link. Equally, those who did not 
sail with us are more than welcome.

Captain Web's only rules are that you keep it 
clean and do not "flame" or he will wield the 
cat-o-nine-tails and incidentally delete your 

Name: Ronnie Lloyd E-mail:
City: Edinburgh Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 11-Mar-2005 05:03:43

I started my sea carear 1967 on the Cape Nelson 
then sailed on the Cape Sable,Cape Howe, Baron 
Belhaven and lastly on the Cape Hawk , leaving 
SSM in 1973. I then joined Denholms and was 
with them until 1988, joined Havtor Ship 
Management(Norwegian) then laterly to KOTC I 
retired last year

Name: David Lindsay E-mail:
City: London Country: England
Homepage: Date: 09-Mar-2005 14:11:03

Did my cadetship with SSM, started 1975, first 
trip to sea the Renfrew late 77 then Grafton, 
Belhaven Mclay and a couple of trips on the 
Pentland. Sorry to hear about OC and Hugh 
Keenan. Good times good company

Name: SDA E-mail: uglyducklinguk@btinternet,com
City: London Country: England
Homepage: Date: 03-Mar-2005 23:49:08

Dear SSM

Brilliant site already had most helpful person  
reply. Jim. Thankyou.  Cape Howe.Then became  
H.M.S Q Ship Prunella. Jim  has steered me in 
the right direction. It has insired me to find 
out more about my Grandfather's Life in the 
Merchant Navy.etc. Captain Duncan Cameron 
Who  on 21 June 1940 was torpedeod by U - 28. 
Duncan managed to save himself and 12 of the 
Crew.  He got a Mention in Despatchs. Oct 4th 
1940. How ever Gunter Kuhnke a German  
Commander who had sunk three  ships on his 
patrol got a Knights Cross.? No justice for 
Merchant un armed Sea men.Duncan and the 12 men 
were eventually  spotted by a flying Sunderland 
and then rescued on June 27th 1940. As Samuel  
Duncan's father would of said "The Bakers 
Dozen" As Only 13"  Men Survived.

Name: SDA E-mail:
City: London Country: England
Homepage: Date: 01-Mar-2005 10:12:47

My Uncle was in the Merchant Navy does any one 
remembber him Duncan Cameron Kennendy JNR 
(Cammie) born 27 April 1943  he later became a 
police officer sortly after he retired he died  
on 14 Sept 1998 Oban Bay Scotland drowned in a 
diving accident.

Name: SDA E-mail:
City: London Country: England
Homepage: Date: 01-Mar-2005 07:40:14

My Grandfather  Captain Duncan Cameron Kennedy 
on bbc.ww Peoples war under Scotlands 
Kennedy Brothers Sailed on the Baron Kinnaird  
from  Ipwich 11 Sept 1941 to 18 Sep 1841 North 
Shields as a second mate.Then from 19 09 1941 
to 2/1/1941 Swansea.
Cape Horn From Shanghai 22//1934 to Dock Street 
27/7/1934. As a Cadet. The Cape Nelson from 
9/8/1934 Barry to 30/11/1934 Greenock as a 
Cadet. Up to 1936 Then a 3rd mate from 1937. He 
served on the Cape Howe from 31/7/1939 to 
21/6/1940 as a Second Officer. Admiralty 
service T124. Have lots of photo's and 
documents Does any one remember him. He saved 
quite a few lives and was mentioned in 
Despatchs in 1940. Was it someone you knew?

Name: Ian Naughton-Rumbo E-mail:
City: Country: Greece
Homepage: Date: 25-Feb-2005 02:42:54

Great site. Sailed with SSM from cadet thru to 
2nd mate and have many fond memories. Left to 
hang up seaboots in 78. 

Homepage: Date: 05-Feb-2005 07:46:23

Sailed on Baron Wemyss 1972-73 as deck 
cadet.Enjoyed browsing site.

Name: Pearl Brown E-mail:
City: London Country:
Homepage: Date: 04-Feb-2005 15:37:09

My father, John Brown (Tiree) was master of the 
Baron Belhaven 11 during the second world war.  
I am trying to gather inforation for the family 
to share.  Is there anyone who might have known 
or sailed with him that could share any info? A 
slim chance I know as time goes on. Many thanks 

Name: tam brannigan E-mail:
City: hamilton Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 27-Jan-2005 19:51:24

hi,troops,best company i ever sailed with,best 
crews best officers, best 
runs,bestaccomidation.and most of all the best 
memoriesd,i.e/.la mott,malyasia. piped up the 
road to play the locals,beat them 3-2 scored 1 
made one (kenny dalglish?never heard of im)
great days ,great ship mates,would love to meet 
u all again,cheers for now tambhoy.

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