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Name: John Sweeney E-mail:
City: Inverkip Country: Scotland
Homepage: Http Date: 29-Dec-2005 19:07:26

Hi Folks, 
I sailed on the Cape Horn around 1973/74 as 
CatBoy, flying to Vancouver to join the ship 
for a 9 month trip as a young naieve boy, 
however I had nothing to worry about as I was 
well looked after by my colleagues. 
I have many happy memories of the trip. In 
Vancouver staying at the Ritz Hotel prior to 
joining the ship. Other fond memories include 
visits to
Vancouver Island, Australia,Sidney (seeing in 
the New Year),Melbourne,Port Adelaide and Gee 
just a few of the places we visited. I think 
the trip ended in Amsterdam.
I came across this excellent web site and just 
reading some of the postings brings back the 
good memories I had sailing with my colleagues 
on the Cape Horn all those years ago.
If anyone remembers me I would be delighted to 
hear from them.


John Sweeeney....

Name: Norman Smith E-mail:
City: Stornoway - where el Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 19-Dec-2005 18:15:59

I've just found the site, good reading about 
names & places & happenings. I was with SSM 
from 1970 to 1984, Temple Arch, Baron Bagoff 
(oops sorry belhaven!!) Temple Inn, Cape 
Franklin as cadet, York, Leeuwin & Wemyss as 
3rd Mate, Rodney, Ardrossan, Wemyss, Pentland, 
Grenville, Napier as 2nd Mate & Trafalgar as 
mate. Broke my knees & had to work ashore with 
coastguard for a few years then got back to sea 
with scottish fishery protection and knackering 
my back! Eventually back offshore on an FPSO 
thing or two before starting with Cal-Mac 
ferries 3 years ago. 
Like many others i enjoyed my time with SSM, ok 
there were bad times as well but mostly good 
crews, good runs and good memories. 

Name: Sandy Morrison E-mail:
City: Isle of Skye Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 17-Dec-2005 18:02:10

Sailed on Cape Franklin, Clear, St Vincent, 
Race. Then the dreaded Temple Bar was the end 
of my seagoing career for a while.  Still very 
much involved in ships and boats don't know 
anything else.  A mate put me on to the site 
fantastic.  I like Iain Waters' (hello Ian)
reference to Nick Battersby I wonder if he 
still has the gall stones he passed on the 
Vincent on his desk????  Happy days and fond 
memories (thats the ones I can remember) 

Name: Lennox Davie E-mail:
City: Tauranga Country: New Zealand
Homepage: Date: 05-Dec-2005 02:25:50

Deck Cadet Lyles 1951 1955.Capes 
1956 -1969 Brocklebanks,Paddy Henderson,Elder 
SSM 1969-1973.1 Mate Cape Wrath,Temple 
Arch.Master Temple Arch,Temple Inn,Temple Arch.
Came to NZ inlate 1973.Spent majority of time as 
Marine Super with pulp and paper co who owned 
and operated side loading newsprint vessels 
trading trans Tasman.Retired 1994.
Found SSM site by chance.Most interesting brings 
back many memories>recognise some names.
Sorry it is a bit too far to travel for reunion 
on 14th Dec.Have fun,best wishes to all and kind 
regards to anyone who might remember me.

Name: John Dobson E-mail:
City: Glasgow Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 03-Dec-2005 14:46:39

Joined SSM 1971 as Deck Cadet and served until 
1986, finally as Chief Officer. Great days and 
great times. Missed the last re-union as away 
at sea. Am now working as DPA/CSO for German 
container operator in Bremen and from home. 
Great to see so many other have also found the 
site. Look forward to meeting up again in 

Name: Norman (Nobby) Clark E-mail:
City: Ballymena (orig. Der Country: N. Ireland
Homepage: Date: 30-Nov-2005 10:10:09

Just found this site from your advert for the 
reunion in the Telegraph. Joined Hogarths as 
deck apprentice in 1964 on Baron Ardrossan (old 
one). Stayed till 1974 when I got Masters, 
married and children etc. After Ardrossan 
served rest of apprenticeship on Wemyss (old 
one),Inverforth and Forbes. 3rd mate on Dunmore 
and Rodney then 2nd mate on Dunmore again, 
Wrath, Ardossan and Maclay.Mate on Cape Nelson 
in 1972. Left Maclay in Singapore in 1974 and 
joined Townsend Thoresen in Felixstowe. They 
became P&O European Ferries in 1987 and I 
stayed with them till April last year when I 
took voluntary redundancy. Spent last 13 years 
as Master running out of Larne to Scotland. 

Name: Alan Fairley E-mail:
City: Loughborough Country: England
Homepage: Date: 13-Nov-2005 07:01:34

great to find this site sailed on the ortegal the
rodney twice and grenville twice met my wife
Tricia on the grenville 

Name: ken E-mail:
City: Cornwall Country: UK
Homepage: Date: 04-Nov-2005 12:25:25

I never sailed with SSM, but I was at sea as a 
Radio Officer during the 80's with various 
companies. Your site is excellent, and I 
particularly enjoyed looking at the photo's 
section, so you drank in SSM as well? 
A few years ago I acquired some items from the 
MV Kilmarnock (ex Baron Maclay). One of these 
is the ships launching penant which I am 
currently advertising on E-Bay under 
the 'maritime' section. If anybody wants 
further information then please contact me. I 
hope you don't mind me posting this on your 
site, but the flag could well have great 
sentimental value to an ex SSM employee.
Keep up the good work, 

Name: tom needham E-mail:
City: chester Country: england
Homepage: Date: 02-Nov-2005 11:22:50

Sailed on temple inn and temple arch about 1973 
great times in oz recall the name cptain Readman 
i was the lekky on board.

Name: John Smyth E-mail:
City: Ardglass Country: Ireland
Homepage: Date: 01-Nov-2005 17:55:32

Good to come across this site!!Stephen Arthur 
Budd hasn't quietened down much.Started with SSM 
in October'75 as nav. cadet and last trip was on 
the C.Grenville in July '84.Did a couple of 
trips with Turnbull Scott in the ice in the 
Baltic - reminder of The Saugueny River!Now 
Harbour Master at Ardglass - 18 years.
Vessels sailed on include, C. Wrath,B.Maclay, B. 
Renfrew,C. Grafton,Belhaven, C. Horn, C. Leewin, 
B. Napier, B. Pentland, C. Grenville.Great runs 
ashore, especially Indonesia, Singers, etc, etc, 
but would rather forget Lagos - nightmare payoff 
there with Rodger Gernan and Fingers Mackay.
Regards to all the old shipmates.

Name: john black E-mail:
City: kilmarnock Country:
Homepage: Date: 18-Oct-2005 00:05:06

Great site- glad to read about the old company. 
Spent an alcohol induced cadetship between 79 
and 83. Many great trips on the 
Belhaven,Rodney,Ortegal etc. Some stories could 
be told but most not. Sadly shorelife called and 
joined Strathclyde Police and even more drink.
Good memories about a great time. 

Homepage: Date: 17-Oct-2005 13:43:40


Name: jack wallace E-mail:
City: glasgow Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 14-Oct-2005 16:56:36

A great company SSM...Stood by and sailed maiden 
voyage Cape St. Vincent then the Cape Nelson 
anyone remember little Dougie Dempeter killed on 
board Christmas eve in the bay..a great guy...

Name: Dave Anderson E-mail:
City: Dundee Country: Scotland
Homepage: Date: 12-Oct-2005 12:45:45

Sailed with SSM as 2eng. from 72 till 76 
sailing on the Franklin,York,Race,Horn and the 
Ardrossan. I recognise some old names from the 
past ie.Hamish Hardie,Brian Andrew,Peter 
Brennan and Duncan Anderson. Hope to get in 

Name: peter Isaac E-mail:
City: Sydney Country: Australia
Homepage: Date: 30-Sep-2005 07:40:42

I served on the Barron Kinnaird in 1968 as R/O 
and I recorded a message in your old Guest 
Book. The mate on the Barron Kinnaird at the 
time was George Towers. I see from the SMM Crew 
List that he became Master. I guess he would be 
close to 80 today. Does anyone know if he is 
still going strong? Any contact address or 

Name: Gordon Wilson E-mail:
City: Vancouver Country: Canada
Homepage: Date: 24-Sep-2005 15:53:00

Great site!!! I just heard about it yesterday 
from Ken Katsina.

I sailed with Lyles (Cadet) back in 61 through 
63 on the Cape Franklin & Cape Grafton. The Cape 
Grafton was the old ex airtcraft carrier which 
was converted back in 1947. Capt.Angus McLeod 
was the Captain.

Lots of great memories and probably the best 
time of my life. I've only met two of the 
fellows off the Grafton since then George King 
3rd Eng in Edmonton Alberta. (Played rugby 
against him) and Johnny Lewellin 2nd Stew (from 
Dunfirmline)when he was in Vancouver on a 
Furness ship.

If anyone is around I would love to hear from 

My Father was Captain with Lyles for about 12 
years Capt. Hill Wilson. He was Capt of the 
Rodney, Howe, Horn & a couple of others.

I would also enjoy hearing from any of his old 

Best to All !!!!   

I would like to 

City: glasgow Country:
Homepage: Date: 22-Sep-2005 20:06:16

change of e-mail address

Name: Charles Riddell E-mail:
City: langholm Country: scotland
Homepage: Date: 17-Sep-2005 08:15:08

Hi everybody sailed whith ssm for a few years in 
70s 80s had a great time. its great to see a few 
famillar names. Dugald Campbell was he the 
store'keeper.anyway iam still at sea work 
offshore on a supply boat 

Name: Mel Spence E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 14-Sep-2005 15:28:17

Great site, was one of Jim's deck cadets in the 
early 1980s. Will keep an eye out for the 

Name: Bill Ross E-mail:
City: Oro-Medonte Country: Ontario Canada
Homepage: Date: 13-Sep-2005 17:59:01

Yes Guys I guess I should have mentioned that 
it was not Scottish Ship Management I sailed 
with but Hogarths.
On the Baron Kinnaird we sailed from Liverpool 
and it was only the fact we ahd two very 
exceptional apprentices as well as the thid 
mate and second mate plus the sparky we managed 
to get away at all as the deck and engine crew 
were all so drunk as to be a danger to 
themselves and all others. After three days I 
ahd to threaten the steward with physical harm 
if he gave the crew any more booze. 
After the hangovers cleared I managed to get 
them to do some work only then would I let them 
have ssome beer.
The first boat drill we were unable to lauch 
the lifeboats as they were frozen into the 
davits with rust and neglect. Took the two 
young lads and I three weeks to get them 
By the way the ship had been inspected by the 
marine superintendant prior to departure.
Everthing was in a broken down state and we 
were toload for New Zealand?australia and you 
know hao particular they were about cargo gear.
Loaded Tampa for the antipodes and had very 
little watrer as the Captain insisted we use 
the evaporater to make it. Alas he forgot to 
mention this to c/e. Was barely working.
Took some water in Panama but for the rest of 
the trip it was rationed.
Arrived in New Zealand after seven wekks from 
U.K. and there was no mail (in fact I receved 
the letter from my wife informing me she was 
prognant on the same day I gopt another telling 
me about the birth of my daughter. 
We managed to get the cargop gear operational 
and discharged ok
We sailed from N.Z.  after I threw all the 
party goers off. Including from the capatains 
cabin. He wanted to stay in port but with the 
pilot and tugs standing buy I did not think it 
would be a good idea.
We got away and the rest of the night the 
apprentices  mates, sparky and I secured 
everything as we were rolling in a heavy swell.
The steward I called to secure tha captains 
cabin and puthim in bed.
next day I informed the captain if he ever 
again got drunk I would walk off the ship at 
the next port and phone Hogarths. To say our 
realationship was frosty after that would be an 
I could trelate more of the same but this is 
not the forum.
Bill Ross

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